Love Trap


歌词来源专辑:华语男歌手 / 谭咏麟 / 我真的和他们不同Love trap 谭咏麟
作曲:芹泽广明 填词:Linda HennrIck
编曲:入江纯 语言:英语
收录于大碟:THUNDER ARM(1986)/半梦半醒之间(1988)/我真的和他们不同(1990)
/爱情陷阱(谭咏麟、陈晓东)(粤语)/爱情陷阱(SpecIal Club MIX)(粤语)

You were a tEMPtatIon I could not resIst the baIt
Now I loOK around me and I find there's no escape
I am lIke a fly caught up in a black wIdow's web
Help me
What a fool I was not to have seen through your dIsguIse
But your beauty blinded me It toOK me by surprIse
I should have known better than to
lIsten to your pretty alIbIs
I had a notIon to taste the potIon of love you gave me
Now that It's too late how well I see
Love's a tender trap But there's to turnin' back
No no not for me I'm a vIctIm of your sweet deceptIon
And now I can't break free
Love's a tender trap But there's no turnin' back
I fell in too deep
Down, down, I'm sinkin' down
Help me, help me, help me
Love Is a trap
When I heard you calling I just couldn't help myself
I knew I was falling but It seemed lIke someONE else
You sneaked up behind pushed me rIght on over the edge
Help me
You know I stIll love you though you treat me lIke you do
How can you just stand there Oh how can you be so cruel
You know you can save me
But you lock the door and throw away The Key